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Do you have a mobile version of your site? If not, you are missing out on lots of potential traffic. Web browsing by cell phone is steadily increasing everyday. If your website is not modified to work with smartphone apps, you’re losing business. Why focus on this segment of the market? They spend! Smartphone users want information fast and they are ready to act on it quickly.

IHS are experts at tapping into this market. We know their needs and are able to design your website to connect you with them. We are leaders in mobile website design services, from Orlando, Florida all across the country. Our designs exceed the expectations of our clients. And great site design leads to more traffic, which leads to more sales. If visitors don’t like the look and feel of your website or they find it hard to navigate, they aren’t likely to stay. Our team has the experience and the technical skills to keep prospects on your site long enough to make a purchase decision.

Why Mobile?

So how many people are coming to your website from their smartphones? From 20-30% of your visitors and growing! As the use of smart phones and tablets increases, so will visits to your website from these kinds of devices. The younger generation has their smartphone in their hand at all times. The rest are catching on. Smartphone users are accustomed to getting the information they want immediately. They use their smart phones as computers. If you don’t target this market you are missing out on revenue… lots of revenue.

All the mobile phones and tablets have different aspect ratios and need to have a site created to those specifications.  And, because of the different ways these devices are used, a modified version of the site must be created to accommodate screen size and simpler navigation.

Grab an iPad or iPhone and go to your site.  Is it easy to read and simple to navigate? Is it easy to find the information necessary to contact you? If not, poof! They are gone. So let’s talk about getting you a low cost solution to the oncoming mobile rush. Our mobile website design and development team in Orlando will get you there.

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