Usability Testing

You may like your site, but do your visitors?  It may be clear to you and your staff, but if your visitor gets lost and can’t find what they want, they will leave.

Our Usability Testing is inexpensive and can reveal inherent flaws in the design or functionality of your website.

Our system captures mouse moves, user audio, and provides a written report on the user experience.  This gives you the opportunity to see exactly how your site works for them as they try to accomplish tasks determined beforehand.

We can have your exact demographics do the testing so you get an accurate picture of how your site is used.  Want to know what works on your competitors’ site?  We can perform a study to see how your clients react to their site, too!

Here’s what we provide.

  • Pre-test consultation
  • Test design and set up
  • Remote testing
  • Post-test analysis
  • Action Plan

Call today and get your usability test going!