Website Maintenance

It’s very important to keep your site updated so it doesn’t look stale with out of date information.  And let’s be honest, most web design companies are not set up to perform ongoing maintenance, or care to do it at all.

There are many reasons to update your website including:

Adding and modifying the site gives you a reason to reach out to your prospects to say ‘we’ve added X to the site, come and see’.  This can be accomplished by have IHS do it or utilizing a Content Management System (CMS) or Blog and add it yourself.

There are other things to think about such as browser compatibility, adding new technology as it becomes available or creating new interactive functions that make your site more user friendly.  Ask us about cool solutions that we have provided for other clients!

Search engines change their ranking techniques all the time.  Keeping your site up-to-date,  error free and adding more relevant content help keep your site ranking the way it should.

No matter what, having a company like IHS Website Solutions to be on the ready to keep your site and content fresh, is the prudent thing to do.

We have the staff on hand to make modifications and perform maintenance.  Our production team will get your job in-house and scheduled, so it’s ready when you need it.

We can:

  • Update photos and copy
  • Add programming
  • Create databases to capture contact form information
  • Fix broken links, forms, photos
  • Add new pages
  • Update the graphics
  • Change contact information
  • And lot’s more!

Most changes get done in 24-48 hours, more complicated changes may take longer.  Give us a call and we’ll give you a quote!