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Is your website design not working for you or your customers?

There are thousands of sites on the web that could use a facelift. We see them every day. Your current site could use a website redesign for many reasons, but getting more leads and conversions is the most important – by far.

If your website is three or more years old, there have been many new strategies developed since your site was built. Is your site Web 2.0 design and navigation? There are ways to increase user interaction, retention and conversion rates. Now is a good time to implement these techniques. We can help you understand where the old site has failed and what the new site should include to garner the most success.

Why should you consider a website redesign?


  • Your site was designed poorly in the beginning

Back in the day, your site simply needed to have basic information about your company and its products. Now, the web is the biggest marketing tool you have at your disposal. Don’t let your competitors beat you. Take the important step of getting a professionally designed website from IHS – today.


  • Poor website navigation or broken site sections

You need to have easy navigation on your site. Think “three clicks away from anything”. Prospects want information and they want it now. Be sure to keep the link titles easy to understand. And broken links and pages with no content are real turn offs to visitors. We can help change all of this.


  • Pages are not search engine friendly (SEO)

SEO is hugely important. Lets face it; most designers focus primarily on the aesthetics of a website; they are not marketing-focused. Getting found in the search engines is difficult enough; don’t let an unfriendly site keep you from even getting ranked. We are masters of SEO influenced site design.


  • Poor web copy

Does your content connect with prospects? Is the message right? Are you writing about benefits? If you’re like most companies, many people contributed to writing your current website copy. But is it consistent? Site copy should be informative and persuasive enough to engage customers and convert leads into sales.  Let our professional copywriters rewrite your copy for maximum impact.

Why else could your site design use an update?

You could have out of date information. Many websites go unchanged for years, or they start a blog and never add to it. You could be faced with slow loading images and pages. Any page which takes longer than a few seconds to load is going to make visitors click away. Perhaps your site is a “brochure type” site and doesn’t ask users to interact. Once visitors are on your site, you need to get them to tell you who they are and ultimately, take action. A brochure site simply wont do it. IHS can help with any of these concerns.

Plus, we offer a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to keep your website current, so that you do not have to pay a designer every time you wish to change something.  We can even set it up so that you can add/edit/delete pages with ease.

Ready to find out more? Sign up to receive your free search engine ranking report. And be sure to take a look at our client success stories. Whether you are located in Orlando or anywhere else, we want to assist with your site redesign. Our affordable fees and high quality approach get the job done, every time.

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