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Websites That Work!

Our Search Engine Optimization Experts Will:

Maximize your search rankings now.

  • Work with you to develop a list of core, secondary, and niche keywords for your business.
  • Provide you with tracking of organic search engine traffic, answering questions such as: “How many sales did your #1 keyword provide through natural search?” and “How much revenue did niche keywords generate?”
  • Implement and customize programming needs to suit your web sites’ unique SEO campaign.
  • Keep you informed of ongoing campaign reporting, optimization, and performance analytics information.

Complete Digital Marketing Solutions

The difference between a site that is ranked on the first page of Google for 50 top keyword phrases and one that’s not is significant. It could mean bringing in hundreds of new clients and hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue – or not. Unfortunately, there are many firms out there that claim to be experts at providing online marketing services. Don’t believe the hype. IHS has been around for over 20 years, and our clients are living proof that our programs work. Take a look at our client portfolio now.

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