E-mail Marketing / E-mail Blasts

Here are some great reasons to do email marketing:

  • Brings people back to your site by embedding links to features or products.
  • Helps build relationships and improves your brand
  • Way cheaper and faster than direct mail
  • Increase referrals and word-of-mouth marketing
  • Raises conversion rates and customer value
  • Improves overall online marketing
  • Easily measured results

The more information you learn about your customers and prospects, the better you can target individual customer segments and send out specific messages to that group.

Targeting user groups is the most underutilized aspect of Internet marketing.  If done correctly, it can boost sales, improve brand image and help you build strong relationships with your customers and prospects.

But it has to be done the right way.

That means it should provide interesting articles and helpful information, not a “buy this” or “get that” approach.  People will opt out. That’s why IHS should plan and design your email campaigns.

Once the email blast goes out, we provide reporting to you on how well the blast worked.