Reputation Management

As the growth of Social Media continues at a rapid pace, along with smart phones and overall use of the Internet, so does the need of managing your company (and potentially your own personal) reputation.

It is easy for a customer who has had poor service or a bad product to vent their frustration on the Internet. It’s difficult to eliminate these poor reviews once they are there for the whole world to see forever.

You want to make every effort to satisfy your customers, but not everyone will be satisfied every time.

IHS Website Solutions will review any current negative postings regarding your business and develop a plan of action to help reduce the amount of exposure these potentially damaging reviews can do to your business. If you don’t have any negative reviews on the web (and you’re lucky!) we can take the proactive approach by developing a plan that will help create a positive reflection of your site, services or products.

Reputation Management is not a cookie-cutter service and any company that claims to eliminate or remove bad reviews entirely is not making an accurate statement! Contact us today for a free consultation.