WordPress Websites

WordPress Website Design

Let IHS design or redesign your website in WordPress.  We can provide a custom design or work with a template.  Either way, you’ll have a great looking website for your business.

WordPress Helps You Save Money

A WordPress website design allows you to easily make changes to your site’s content. You’ll have the tools to quickly add static pages, blog posts, and interactive content without needing someone to always do it for you. Everything is taken care of via the WordPress Dashboard, which is easy to navigate because of its intuitive and user-friendly design.

Enjoy Greater Accessibility and Mobility

Unlike a traditional website design, WordPress can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection and from any browser.  The dashboard allows you to make changes, update the platform and upload media without any additional software.

Search Engines Love WordPress

Do you want your pages to rank high in the search engines? How fast your page loads is critical. With a traditional site, pages need extensive code inserted into them that bogs down the load time.

WordPress uses a system that provides the same information without all the extra code. This results in load times that help your site rank higher for content when prospects hit on your keywords.  The WordPress tagging system for posts and pages also helps people find you without the need for overloading your pages with obvious SEO keywords.

Better Control Over Content and User Access

WordPress allows you to edit and add content or restrict access to limited permissions from the Dashboard User Panel. If you have multiple contributors, you can give them the ability to create content with their own user names, login credentials, and custom permissions.

The same user control system allows you to restrict comments, access to pages without being logged in and more.  You won’t need a programmer on retainer for plug-ins either. As an example, there are photo gallery plug-ins that mimic popular photo sharing sites in look and feel.  They don’t cost anything and they come with one-click installations.

Other plug-ins include: e-commerce shopping carts, extended blog functionality, newsletter sign-up forms, social sharing buttons and, quite literally, thousands more to choose from.

Enjoy Greater Security and Ease with Updates

Because may of our clients want the ability to update and maintain their own websites, we took a very close look at several CMS platforms.  Those we scrutinized included Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. Drupal and Joomla are not user-friendly for the average person to use.  Advanced programmers have trouble with them.

However, WordPress web development offers greater customization, ease of use and security to our clients. Once we do the initial installation and create a custom theme for your site, you will have total control over your domain.  WordPress will also let you know when you have security updates and updates for the core platform and plug-ins.

A WordPress site updates in a matter of seconds after you click the “update” button. Adding content and photos is as easy as using Microsoft Word.  Keeping your customers and readership up-to-date on new developments, offers, and news has been made very easy with the page and post creation screens.

You can even create “future content.” Say you have a product launching in two weeks, but you’ll be away on a well-earned vacation. Instead of hiring someone to update the information while you’re gone, you can create the content and set it to post at a future date and time.

We can add e-Commerce shopping carts and any other plug-in you know you’ll need for you when we do the initial installation.  Inventory is easy to add and delete with these plug-ins, and we’ll customize it for you so that it matches the rest of the site as well.

To ensure you have the right skills to maintain your content with a WordPress-based website we include a course that teaches you how to use your site.  With the knowledge you’ll gain, you’ll be off to a great start as your own webmaster!


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