Retail Website Marketing

Sell, Sell, Sell! You can have the greatest looking site but if you’re not getting the right traffic to your retail store, you may not be getting your share of the pie.

Does your Internet marketing consist of changing Meta Tagging and a few words on your site? That’s not going to cut it in a highly competitive digital marketplace with increasingly shrewd, savvy customers. Now is the time to get serious about how the Internet can produce results for your retail website.

Our web marketing programs are transparent so you know exactly what we are doing. No magic tricks, no unbelievable claims, just solid Internet marketing techniques and results reported to you in an n easy-to-understand format.

“We never got the results out of the web that we thought we should. We weren’t being found in the search engines, and couldn’t trust anyone after our first experience with an SEO company. IHS showed us what they were going to do and provided us with a reporting system that allowed us to learn and understand how the Internet works.”

We are able to look at conversions from keywords and help you understand where your sales are coming from. That allows you to test pricing, offers, and promotions to maximize your marketing efforts.

Since 1996, we have noticed that sites that get a lot of traffic but have low conversion rates have benefited from our Internet savvy.