Content is king in the search engines

Here are 3 concepts to utilizing content (copy) on your site to improve your search engine rankings and visitors!

Content should be written uniquely for each page of your website.  Why? When a search engine spider or bot indexes each page, it constantly searches for any patterns that match known spam practices.  For example, an old (and unfortunately still used by less knowledgeable ‘optimizers’) spam tactic is to create numerous pages with basically the same content to get multiple placements under a single phrase.

Search engines are always on the lookout for websites that offer information useful to their users.  If Google found new content every time it indexed your website, your site would instantly gain credibility because this would indicate that your site is constantly evolving.  Following the logic of a search engine (and they are all essentially logical), an evolving web site is  likely to be more interesting to searchers since the content is up-to-date.  As a result your site has a better chance of obtaining better placements and maintaining the positions gained.

Relevance can not be emphasized enough!  It is important that when you create the copy, write for a web page you try to maintain the overall relevance of the topic.  In other words, if your web page is about painting metal then maintain that focus throught the copy.  Do not skip to a totally unrelated topic such as changing a tire (an extreme example).  This will not only dilute the keywords on the page but make it more difficult for the search engines to understand what the page is about. 

One Last Note
When you write your copy, write it for the people who come to your site.  Don’t try to write it for the search engines.  Keyword stuffing your copy is a thing of the past and can get you penalized!

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