Truth about search engines

Here are some common myths and facts about getting ranked in the search engines!

Meta Tags are key in getting good rankings.

Most search engines ignore these totally.  The were abused by marketers and they are no longer relevant in getting good listings.

Using programs or services that will submit your website to 1,000’s of search engines or directories will get you to the top and bring lots of traffic.

This is a bad idea.  First of all, the search engines know that you are using a submitter and just trying to spam your way to the top.  This will not only not work, but could get you banned.  You want to be far more targeted in your efforts to get quality traffic to your website.

Second of all, the search engines are eliminating these sites from their rankings and looking at the sites on these Free-For-All (FFA) sites and downgrading the value of the website.  You need to learn, or have a company set out a SEO strategy to get the traffic you want and not get penalized.

After you submit your site you don’t have to do anything, it will just rise to #1 on all the keywords you want to show up under.

It used to be that just having a site got you good rankings.  Now there is so much competition and the search engines have change the rules, you’ve got to be a pro-active marketer.

First run a ranking report, and find out where you site ranks.  You will have to develop a keyword/keyphrase list that you want to be found under. Then optimize pages on your website for keywords that you want to show up under.  What that means is creating a good Title Tag, Meta Description about the page, and making sure the page is talking about the subject of the keyword.  Then wait 60 days and see if it has improved in ranking.

The other major factor in search engine rankings is back links.  These are links that come from other quality sites to your site.  What is a quality site?  Let’s say you are in the concrete business, having a link from the association would be a quality site.  That’s just one example…

Selecting someone to work with to create and maintain your search engine rankings.

Search engine rankings are hard to get, especially if you are in a competitive vertical.  So a company charging $49 a month, is not the way to go.  They will use automatic submitter, which is bad to begin with, if they do that at all.  They are scammers.

The company you choose should be able to:
-Run a baseline ranking report so you know where you to start
-Develop a targeted keyword list
-Provide a strategy to optimize pages
-Put Google Analytics on all site pages including thank you pages after someone fills out a form
And really the most important
-Provide reports that show how much traffic and conversions that were generated and provide next steps to improve the results.Please contact us if you have questions about how you can improve your search engine rankings.  888-324-4091 or

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