Social Media, Hype or Help?

Social Media, Hype or Help?
Here’s the problem with using social media — most advertisers use it as a place to self-promote and try to drive sales. When this doesn’t work, they assume that social media doesn’t work.

Your social goal is to be interesting, engaging and slightly personal on your Facebook, Twitter, etc. People are attracted to the ‘human factor’ that sets social media apart from other advertising outlets. No one wants to be bombarded with advertising messages when they are on these websites. Done right, the power of social media will have your followers sharing your content with their friends and ultimately, the friends of those friends! Zappo’s is a great example. They have over 250,000 Facebook followers. Take a look at their page. It’s easy to see that they are not selling shoes, but building a brand.

Social media is a two-way conversation between you and your customers and clients. Putting valuable content up is great but you also have to be prepared to monitor and respond to your friends/followers. It should be considered as another piece of your customer service strategy.

Once you’ve got the engagement part mastered, your ‘social’ brand will be established in their mind as a trustworthy source of information, and an authority in the market. This is known as becoming a channel expert. Then, if you’ve got something interesting going on, like a sale, they might show up at your store or visit your website and buy what you’re selling.

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