Here are just a few examples of the testimonials we’ve received from our customers. At IHS, we value the feedback we receive and work hard to meet our clients’ expectations!

The site is excellent! The interactive door builder (IDB) exceeded the expectations of most people here. It turned out to be an excellent selling tool. On the first day our new site went live, one of our salespeople closed a $12,000 order over the phone.

Our customer used the IDB to view different styles and they were very impressed with the web site. The old process would have taken days or even weeks by fax and mail. Thanks to you and your talented staff we now have a new tool that provides visitors to our web site the ability to view many different models, both standard and customized. – Lou

Great Work!!! The site really is great, just what we wanted. Please let everyone know we are extremely pleased with the work. I was completely blown away at the Organic placement in Google. It was awesome! I was absolutely shocked at the short amount of time it took you to get these results. I must say I am very pleasantly surprised. Well Done! – Sacha

I wish all of our vendors were like you! It makes work so much more enjoyable when you deal with nice people! – Kathryn

Once again, thank you!!! I’m still getting compliments on our site. Clients I’ve talked to say they’ve looked at a ton of sites and they call us because ours is clean and gives them the information they need without having to read a storybook to get where they’re going. – Brenda

Just wanted you to know I have received numerous compliments on my website from customers this season, the new design and detailed info have definitely improved business. Thanks! You guys are the greatest! I only wish all our other vendors shared your work ethic. – Nick

In a world where people are far too quick to criticize, and rarely praise, I would like to voice my appreciation and sincere thanks! IHS is always quick to respond to our questions or queries, have an excellent customer-facing approach to the business you provide, and have infinite patience with the people you assist.

You have given me many pointers and tech assistance when I have struggled and I will recommend your company to any business looking for a host for their website. Also, your site traffic reporting tools are second to none and are extremely valuable to my site management and modifications. Please ensure you pass my praise to your managers and again my sincere thanks! – Dan

Thank for your help and keep up the good job! My phone is ringing more now than ever since you guys took over my site. You guys are always so very helpful! I wish we had more proficient folks around here like you! – Christina

The most important thing you offer, as far as I’m concerned, is reliable service and EXCELLENT customer service. Every time I’ve had a question, you’ve been right there with a helpful response. I don’t think I’d change a thing. Thanks for your good work!! – Jenna

I just wanted to let you know that I have been getting very positive feedback on our new website. Everyone agrees that you did a great job with the design. It has also generated much interest and two confirmed bookings to date so it has paid for itself already!! Thanks again for all you help and efforts. – Sophia