Flash and other Flashy Things

Don’t Let Your Home Page Be a Flash Presentation

If there is no real reason to have use these types of presentations, then don’t.  What usually happens is my client happens to see Nike or Coke videos/presentations and think, ‘that’s really cool, I want it on my site’.

The problem is, it gets in the way of giving your visitor the information they are looking for.  And if you want them to come back repeatedly, the presentation will get very annoying.

And, the search engines can’t read flash, so if your homepage is totally flash, they search engines will have a hard time indexing your website.

However, there are times when flash and other types of animation make sense.  For instance, when you are trying to demonstrate how a product works, or get across a complex thought.  Here are 3 examples of when a presentation is called for:




Here you can get a lot of information across in a quick presentation.  If you think you have an idea of something that would help your visitor understand how your product would help them, please call Patty at 888-324-4091 or pdaley@ihswebsitesolutions.com

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