Your website needs to speak to your visitors, not you.

When you visit a website looking for a product, do you want want the first thing you see to be how long the company has been in business, who started it, that it’s a family business or they put service first.  No, you want to find the product.

So don’t put that information on your homepage or other product pages.  It belongs on the the About Us page.  You need to learn to think like a visitor.  What is the information they are looking for?  How many links does it take to get them to that information?

Make sure your homepage simply shows what kind of business you are in without thinking.  It’s so easy for someone to hit the back button if they get confused thinking they are on the wrong site.  Also make sure your navigation is easy to follow.  If you have a lot of products group them into similar types and create a link to the page that lists them.  As opposed to having a link to separate pages for each product.  Once they get to the ‘jump’ page that has the listings, if there is more product information, then an additional page with the individual product is warranted.  But don’t make them click a link to get the same information and just add the buy button.

Grab their interest with a headline and text that tout the benefits of your product or service. For example, “With our Wigit, your kitchen cleaning will never be easier,” or “Get a better golf game with a personal fitting from us.”

Delivering people to the information they are looking for is not only good website usability but will usually increase your bottom line!

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