Does you site look professional to your visitors?

Almost 90% of visitors to websites will determine in 3-5 seconds if they want to do business with you.  So if your site is outdated, or poorly designed, they will hit the back button faster than you can say, well, back button.

Is your homepage cluttered with information and photos?  Trying to push too much information at a visitor will overwhelm them. You should have a main selling point and graphics or navigation that will direct them to the pages they are looking for.  You want them to find what they are looking for right away.  It’s not a game of ‘find the link’.

Some tips are to keep the use of color to a minimum.  Pick a typeface and use it throughout the site.  Just because there are 1,000s of typefaces doesn’t mean you need to use all of them.  Photos should be sized down and click to larger photos, this helps with loading speed (which is a factor in search results).  Make sure you logo looks professional, just because your son designed it doesn’t make it a smart marketing decision.

Unless you are a designer, you should probably hire a professional to do the design.  And let them do their job.  Many times clients come to me and say, ‘I have no idea what my website should look like’.  Then we show them the homepage design and they become art directors.  Move this here, change this color, and then say ‘what do you think’.   I am sure the designer put the elements in particular places because that is how the web works and how people view websites.  So, let them do their job.  Input is good, but it needs to be talked about and flushed out.

If you decide to use a website builder like GoDaddy’s, think clean and simple.  Before you start, write out a list of what needs to go on what pages.  This will help you see how the navigation should work.  They also have a ton of widgets.  Use only the ones that help the viewer find the information they are looking for.  For instance, if you’ve got an insurance company, putting a weather bug on your homepage isn’t going to help you sell insurance.

We’ve designed over 1,000 sites and seen what works and what doesn’t, we can help you get a professional website that will increase your business!

Here are some examples:

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