Mobile Websites

Who needs one? It was initially believed that mobile sites only made sense for destination-type businesses like restaurants, hotels and dry cleaners. This is no longer the case. Mobile media is becoming increasingly prevalent as the use of mobile devices increases and mobile-driven searching and website traffic continues to climb.

So, regardless of the type of business you’re in, it is likely that people are searching for you (or your competitors) using cell phones and tablets. It’s important to make sure that when they find you, your site is easy to navigate and understand.

First get on a web-enabled device and go to your website. How does it look? If it looks great and is easy to read and navigate, you’re off to a good start, although you may be missing out on some features that can make your site even more mobile-friendly, like “click to call” buttons and large navigation. However, if your site is difficult to navigate, or contains features that aren’t compatible with many mobile devices you need to consider investing in a mobile version of your website.

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